About Us

Who We Are?

We BOSSI SHOES venture to create with passion and artistry. Our enthusiasm for the amelioration of our skill of the arts of footwear construction leads us to combine shades of elegance with high brow hues and we follow our heart to create the most versatile yet nonchalant designs. Being footwear maestros we try our best to add tinges of every occasion to our articles, whether they due formal events, casual kicks, wedding or party wear etc.

We offer:
High Quality Men, Women and Kids Footwear

BOSSI SHOES is a Best Online Shoes Shopping Store and  premium brand, rendering footwear since 1990

to its valuable customers with our comfortable yet eye catching  footwear made with incomparable leathers and bags capuche in the most vibrant colours combined with luxurious fabric, our brand keeps in view the multi faced lifestyle and offices affordable prices. The best part about us it is that as the new trends sets, our brand evolves according providing our customers with what they desire to wear, treasuring Men, Women and kids collection.